Utilizing ancient and advanced aesthetics, the Mystiq product line combines Mastiha that offers superior repairing properties, intense lightening agents, and concentrated anti-aging botanicals.


PRO Line


Lira PRO treatments allow you to rediscover the essence of beautiful skin. With unique, rejuvenating formulas smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles and lightening pigmentation, this corrective range combines breakthrough Plant Stem Cells (PSC) with natural ingredients to invigorating your skin with a lasting, youthful luster.




ICE Line

Calms, reduces, and balances problematic skin from oily to active
acne. Advanced combinations including plant stem cells and peptides specifically target skin challenges associated with problematic skin






BIO Line


The Lira BIO line nurtures the skin back to optimal health through corrective peptides and healing botanicals. By using soothing natural ingredients, elite preparations of gold, silver and caviar, plus fresh scientificadvances, Lira BIO products hold back aging and restores beauty to all skin types – including skin affected by acne, rosacea or post-procedure.






BB & SPF Line

Lira The BIO BB and SPF line offers a
comprehensive system that incorporates
new advances in anti-aging, camouflage
and sun protection, all in one.